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  • Ride Magazine

    Ride Magazine

    Published: 22nd September 2011

    We've already given the Bumpstop the thumbs-up, and now there's a better version available for only an extra £16. The Bumpstop is a versatile way of securing a bike in a garage, shed, garden, van or racetrack paddock. You can treat it as a ground anchor or as an easy way to hold your bike upright.

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  • Motorcycle Monthly

    Motorcycle Monthly

    Published: 15th August 2011

    BUMP... and stop; it couldn't be any easier really. Secure, stable and lightweight, the British manufactured Bumpstop is one of those products you really can't do without. Primarily designed to retain a bike upright in a fixed position, the product also comes in handy by allowing 360º working access around a machine.

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  • Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

    Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

    Published: 25th August 2011

    Since we last looked at Bumpstop's innovative bike holder-cum-stand they've been hard at work responding to customer requests for a ground anchor version. In the last six months they've developed this certified ground anchor which carries full Thatcham approval. So not only does it keep your bike upright in the van, on a trailer or in your garage - the addition of the ground anchor section should mean your bike will stay exactly where you left it.

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  • Motorcycle News

    Motorcycle News

    Published: 13th August 2011

    Ferry firm tries out cunning stand design. Roll your bike into the new Bumpstop stand and it clamps onto the front wheel holding the bike upright. It's designed for maintenance jobs, but is also being tried out by a ferry firm. Alto Performance says the stand can also simplify the task of transporting your bike in a van, by keeping the bike more secure than it would be strapped down on the sidestand.

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