Special Engineered Stands and Marine Bumpstop

£212.00 + VAT

As the manufacturer we can design and make any stand to suit any product. Motorcycle, scooter, quad bike, car, lorry, engine or any product either for display or workshop use.

We have made engine stands used in Suzuki GB for training and also workshop stands for outboard motors just to mention 2 examples.

We offer a full engineering service to all our customers.

The Marine Bumpstop

Used in hostile conditions and where the Bumpstop needs to be very quickly detachable (2 seconds to fit or remove).

This version is currently in use on ferries for high speed loading and secure shipping of motorcycles. This unit has a sub plate which is typically welded to the deck (alloy or stainless steel) and allows fast fitting and removal of the unit to leave a clean deck for cars/lorries if the Bumpstop is not required. Please enquire as we can tailor these products to suit your needs.

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