Ground Anchor

£85.50 + VAT

or save money with the set, includes Ground Anchor, Chain and high security Lock

Ground Anchor Set

£195.00 + VAT

Very High Security Ground Anchor Set

£210.00 + VAT


Thatcham Approved

We have been working for some time on a new product a Thatcham approved ground anchor. This is now ready to ship having passed the Full catogory 3 Thatcham security tests. Why compromise on security when you can get the best.  Includes all fixings and instructions for fitting and use.

Please note this is not a Foreign import but made here in our workshops to exacting standards and with quality materials.

Bumpstop ground anchor complies with the British Insurance industries standards for – Motorcycle vehicle security.

Thatcham evaluation number : TMC3 – 325/0611

This unit is double skinned and welded on the inside for extra strength and security. The 2 skins vary in gap size making it extremely difficult to disc cut without the blade jamming. This unit passes the Thatcham 5 minute attack test.

The 4 off M10 bolts are high tensile (supplied).

The chain covers the bolts when in use therefore the bolts do NOT have to be defaced. If you move or wish to place the unit elsewhere all you do is remove the chain and re secure in the new position.

Ideal for floor, wall, work bench or where ever you can put 4 bolts securely. The thick powder coat paint wll resist corrosion too, so it will happily live outside too.

Very High Security Set

This set contains a Squire, CEN 6 rated lock which is approved and one of the highest ranked locks in the world.  Produced in the UK this padlock alone is normally worth over £140.00 retail.  Maybe a little more money but the quality and security is second to none.


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