Tow Bracket

(Please note this unit is designed to fit an existing Bumpstop – not supplied)

Brand new for 2012. This bracket will fit any standard or Thatcham Bumpstop chassis and allows the Bumpstop to be connected quickly onto the standard 2 fixing style tow bar. You can now roll the front wheel into the Bumpstop, secure the bike using straps and tow the bike.

Ideal for short journeys or emergency pick ups. Longer journeys are fine but we do suggest you remove the chain and/or gear lever to stop the bike being knocked into gear by accident. Automatic gearbox bikes can not be used with this accessory.

Handy size means it can be put in the boot of a car and only fixed when you get to the bike. Easy for picking up new purchases, going on holiday with the family and you CAN now take the bike as well. Towing capacity of the vehicle must always be observed.

  • 1 x bracket for the Bumpstop (includes fixings)
  • 1 x bracket for the tow ball (permanent fixing possible)
  • 1 x small ramp
  • 1 x strapping bar

Price : TBC

Approx: £150.00

Available end of October 2012.

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