Strapping Set

(1x handlebar, 2x tie down)
£25.00 + VAT

Handlebar Strap

£15.00 + VAT

Pull Down Tie Strap

£7.00 + VAT

Lashing Straps (pr)

£10.00 + VAT

Our strap systems are designed to hold all types of motorcycles and scooters.

They are fast and extremely easy to use. NO ATTACHING to the motorcycle frame or rear of the bike is needed and so no problems with fairing or paintwork damage. Easy!

This system works on VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN motorcycles.

  1. Just place the handlebar strap over the handle bars and pull tight (in a scissor action). You now have 2 loops hanging down from your handle bars where you attach the tie downs
  2. Place a tie down into a suitable hook or mounting point on the ground and the other through the loop on the handle bar strap and pull tight enough to take out the slack.
  3. Do the same for the other side and off you go!!

Our new in house designed lashing straps are perfect for tying down ANY load. A point you can fix to, loop the strap around the point and back through itself and hook onto the loop…..DONE!

The straps are soft (like all our straps) and come with a protective covering to reduce any chance of damage during transit.


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