Chain and Padlock

Chain and Padlock

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High Security Chain and Padlock


For use with our Security products. This chain has been selected as a high quality Thatcham (insurance and Police) approved product. Supplied by English Chain Co. Ltd. The lock is matched to the chain and is also Thatcham approved.

Be aware these are NOT light duty and as such are not light!! Primarily for use with products fixed in one position not for “slipping into your rucksack” for a run down the shops. Not unless you’re a contestant for the worlds strongest man / woman… in which case slip it into your pocket and off you go.

High Security Chain and Padlock

This set contains an ABLOY 350, CEN 5 rated lock which is Thatcham approved and one of the highest ranked locks in the world.  Produced in Finland this padlock alone is normally worth over £115.00 retail.  Maybe a little more money but the quality and security is second to none.

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